Secure + Compliant
Communication Solutions

GRS provides essential HIPAA-compliant communication tools for physicians, dentists, chiropractors and urgent care clinics.

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Introducing secureFILESHARE

Send files containing sensitive ePHI securely and compliantly.

Secure File Sharing

Transparent & Affordable Pricing


Basic - $29/month

  • 1-5 users
  • Send up to 30 files
  • 1GB file size limit

Advanced - $59/month

  • 6-15 users
  • Send up to 100 files
  • 10GB file size limit

Premium - $99/month

  • 16-25 users
  • Send up to 250 files
  • 50GB file size limit

Powerful + Comprehensive
Secure Messaging Solutions.

secureGRS provides an all-in-one solution for hospitals and medical practices to communicate internally within a HIPAA-compliant environment. 


Mass Notifications

Strengthen enterprise response while greatly enhancing employee and patient safety.

Available Across Web, iOS and Android.

Multi-platform functional for your organization’s many endpoints.

Securely Send Messages, Images and Documents.

Improve patient experiences by speeding care delivery and coordination.
ED Communication Suite

Meet our Comprehensive Clinical Communication Suite.

Deploy secure messaging in tandem with a robust communications, coordination and collaboration platform to improve outcomes.

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Intelligent Features
Communicate more information in less time with less device interaction.
Team Coordination
Coordinate multidisciplinary and rapid care team response in seconds.

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Our Secure GRS messaging mobile application provides a secure and compliant environment for your team to communicate within.