About Us

We are a health-centric software company providing advanced and innovative notification, communication, collaboration, scheduling, data, and analytical solutions for healthcare enterprises.


Improve Outcomes

At GRS, everything we do is engineered toward improving patient outcomes and our suite of products are designed to help
providers do just that.

Put the dynamic power of GRS’ software solutions in the hands of your care teams and let them do what they do best – interpret and use that data to rapidly deliver the best possible care to their patients.

Our History

  1. 2020
    Continued growth 🙂
  2. 2019
    Initial pilots and introduction of our Stand-alone Secure Messaging application.
  3. 2018
    Release of iOS and Android Mobile apps.
  4. 2016
    Development of GRS Platform v1.0
  5. September 2015
    Concept Born